Training and capacity building

OC-poster-peopleAs the frequency and intensity of disasters rises year on year, the need for qualified humanitarian workers (national and international) has never been more urgent. Ensuring humanitarian aid workers have essential skills in key aspects of humanitarian relief significantly improves response to major natural and man-made crises.

 Though there is no sector-wide standard to ensure the quality of humanitarian training, increasingly there is agreement around core competencies good aid workers should have. In practice skills are currently often passed between aid workers through a chain of training sessions with high risk that the quality of the facilitation and learning dilutes as the numbers broaden. As a result, trainees often do not receive the skills they require and – more importantly – disaster-hit communities fail to get the quality humanitarian support they need. Better trained staff means a more effective response to humanitarian emergencies.

Osman Consulting Ltd offers bespoke trainings and industry standard ones (see our training 1 pager [June 2015], or the summary in English or Arabic; an OC Training Catalogue will be published shortly). We have provided over 100 trainings to about three thousand people on four continents and provided wider capacity building to a number of clients. A related part to this service offering is increasing the successful interaction of humanitarian actors of different cultures, such as our work advising the START Network on engaging with humanitarian actors from the Middle East. We also help deepen and grow our clients’ technical, financial and policy cooperation with the international humanitarian architecture (such as UN agencies). Our Director is Sphere and INEE Master trainer in English and Arabic and regularly participates in relevant events, e.g. Sphere MENA workshop in May 2015 in Jordan and contributing to the Sphere 2011 review. Moustafa is a Sphere Middle-East focal point. In June 2015, OC also signed an MoU with Coventry University focusing on Disaster Management and Hazards Research. Since 2007, OC’s Director also teaches a DM module at Birmingham University and OC’s Head of Research teaches a number of interdisciplinary modules at The Open University since 2009.

Sphere ToT graduation ceremony

Some examples:

BBRBuilding a Better Response (BBR)

OC is contributing to the development of the pilot and roll out of Building a Better Response in Arabic, a major USAID project on ‘Strengthening Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Capacity and Engagement in the International Humanitarian Architecture’ implemented by Harvard University, International Medical Corps, and Concern Worldwide (read more here). We are looking at co-organising a number of trainings on this until mid-’16. Do get in touch (email: training @ ) if your organisation would like to host such a training.

Post-conflict service restoration

Osman Consulting is working with the Governance Strengthenig Project/ Taqadum in supporting a post conflict recovery service delivery planning and management initiatives in three Governorates: Ninawa, Salah ad Din and Anbar. The aim of the project is to build the capacity of local governments of the 3 targeted Governorates on post conflict service restoration and delivery including assessment, planning and prioritising recovery activities and managing the service delivery restoration needed for the people who will be returning to their communities.

Effective Partnership and Information Sharing for Better Humanitarian Action

arabhum_logoBetter operational mechanisms, information sharing protocols and improved strategic planning are necessary to improve the effectiveness and impact of humanitarian response. Since the first conference in 2010, the aim of the events entitled ‘Effective Partnership and Information Sharing for Better Humanitarian Action‘ was to strengthen communication and promote creative partnerships between Arab organisations and the international humanitarian system. OC has been present at almost all annual conferences since, and regularly as a facilitator too (e.g. in October 2014 in Kuwait).

Do feel free to get in touch to discuss your training and capacity building needs, from a single one off training to more profound support to get your organisation to the next level.

If you want to stay informed of upcoming trainings etc (our key trainings are listed), please subscribe to this website on the main page; this way you will receive automatic messages informing you of any updates.


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