Yemen-mapThe situation in Yemen is deteriorating rapidly, which has led to the UN launching an appeal for $273.7 million to reach 7.5 million people with life-saving assistance and protection in the next three months (April- June ’15); current estimates are that about 300,000 people have been displaced. Civilian infrastructure has been destroyed, damaged and disrupted as a result of the fighting, including hospitals, schools and educational institutions, the three main national airports, and at least two bridges. Reports have also been received of damage to local markets, power stations, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure. As an estimated over 60% of the population required some form of humanitarian aid before the current conflict began, the situation is now critical.

ACAPS news 2-8 September: “The health system in Taizz governorate is close to collapse. All public hospitals have closed, and the remaining health facilities are overwhelmed by severely injured people as well as a dengue outbreak. Access remains severely restricted across the country. Hudaydah port, the main entry point for humanitarian supplies in north and central Yemen, remains closed, and road transport from Aden port to northern governorates remains limited.”

With four L3 emergencies, Nepal earthquake and many other disasters around the world, this will no doubt stretch many organisation’s resources. This is where OC steps in: providing ad hoc additional capacity, filling gaps to enable clients to assist in helping those suffering under this humanitarian crisis. OC currently have supplies in the area ready for immediate deployment, along with experience operating in and supplying to conflict affected areas. Therefore, if you are struggling to source supplies and gain access for them into the country, do get in touch with us to see how we can be of assistance. For an idea of the types of supplies we source, see our humanitarian supplies catalogue.

For enquiries (e.g. for any shared assessment or guidance), contact opermngt @ or for supplies contact supplies @ (delete spaces, added to avoid spammers).


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