Natural disasters alone have cost the world $3.8 trillion since 1980, according to the World Bank in its ‘World Development Report 2014‘; according to a report by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) (July 2014), natural disasters are occurring nearly five times as often as they were in the 1970s, with both developed and developing countries bearing the burden of repeated floods, droughts and temperature extremes. And then there are further man-made/ complex emergencies. The need for Disaster Management is therefore only getting bigger. Osman Consulting Ltd takes a holistic approach to meeting your professional needs and addressing the challenges you face: using private sector mechanism to achieve humanitarian goals. Our services focus on:

(1) Humanitarian operational management.


Do you need help establishing relief programmes and projects? Or perhaps you need assistance with assessments, ongoing management, or final evaluations? Osman Consulting has a team of experienced specialists that can provide the humanitarian services you need, from start to finish. You can download our 1-pager (June 2015) on this service.

(2) Humanitarian training and capacity building;

training in Africa

Osman Consulting has provided over 100 trainings to about three thousand people on four continents. Trainings and workshops have covered a range  of topics from inter-cultural understanding to disaster management. We have also provided on-the-job training for new managers. You can download our 1-pager (June 2015) on this service; for some fact sheets of training offers, click here.

(3) Humanitarian research;

Do you want to know if your humanitarian idea is feasible? Do you want firm evidence to confirm your anecdotal evidence? We can help. You can download our 1 pager (June 2015) on this service.

(4) Humanitarian supplies;

Do you want guidance on what’s best for disaster affected people? We can source individual humanitarian products as per your requirements or take care of the whole process (e.g. full camp set up for 10,000 people). You can download our 1 pager (June 2015) on this service.

For an overview of OC Ltd clients, see our portfolio (June 15, external).

As appropriate, we also provide the following services to complement the above (that is, translations etc focused on supporting disaster management):

Translation and Editing

We specialise in translating technical documents from English to Arabic and vice versa. Osman Consulting is a leading translation and editing provider for the humanitarian community, having completed numerous translations for the UN, multi-lateral agencies, and Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs).

Inter-Cultural Communication and Awareness Dsc_0105

Are you interested in establishing an office in the Middle East? Want to orient, train, and sensitise your international staff to work in the Arab world? We can help.

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