Media and testimonials

Introduction to Disaster Management/ Sphere (for MCF):

Sphere Arabic ToT (in Arabic):

Osman Consulting corporate video:


OC Director included in PHAP World Humanitarian Day ’14 video

Article re ToT Abu Dhabi (July ’11)

Moustafa interviewed on humanitarian situation re Libya by BBC (July ’11):

Moustafa interviewed on Pakistan floods by Al-Jazeera (Arabic):

and on Al-Arabiya (also in Arabic):

Moustafa quoted in The Independent following Haiti earthquake.

Quoted in the Times Higher Education on Haiti


“I have come to know Moustafa as a very dedicated humanitarian professional who is able to build bridges between NGOs from various backgrounds.” – Ed Schenkenberg van Mierop, Coordinator at ICVA, July 2010

“I want to thank you for offering me such a good learning experience in the field of disaster management! I think you have successfully run this module based on your great efforts, professional experience and excellent teaching methods. Every student has enjoyed the classes and has learned a lot from you regarding humanitarian assistance and emergency plan making. You are such a brilliant and professional instructor with a great sense of humor ! The students like you very much and respect you as well. So do I.” – Chunyu Zhou, IDM student from China, Birmingham University, 2012

Having worked with Moustafa for a number of years I am happy to write a recommendation. Moustafa is a skilled and experienced individual from whom I learnt a great deal in the field of humanitarian work. Never one to spend long periods at a desk he has travelled widely in areas of greatest need including those that present personal risk.” – former colleague at IR,  July 2010

I have known Moustafa for approx 13 years, but for the last three years I have been in the very fortunate position of being his academic colleague, here at the University of Birmingham, where he has been running the highly successful and popular Introduction to Disaster Management module for our masters students. Moustafa’s modules are always oversubscribed and audited by as many people as we can legally fit into the lecture room. The students love his work because it is highly relevant, delivered as only an experienced practitioner could do and with a strong practical emphasis. As a lecturer, I enjoy his work enormously because from observing Moustafa, I learn a huge amount about how to ‘connect with’, inspire and communicate with a highly diverse international audience. He combines his natural talent for communication with extremely well prepared, well researched academic material and experiential teaching and learning techniques. He is widely recognised as one of our best teachers of one of our most exciting courses and a pleasure to work with.” – Annie Rubienska, Lecturer and Programme Director International Development Department, University of Birmingham, Feb 2010

I have known Moustafa for many years within Islamic Relief HQ, Birmingham. Moustafa is a dedicated and professional Humanitarian worker with exceptional leadership skills. I was very pleased to hear that Moustafa is teaching students interested in Humanitarian work at Birmingham University because; Alleviating poverty is a long term commitment requiring dedication, experience and the ability to adapt to the challenges facing the developing world. Moustafa is a visionary leader with the ability to transfer the complex and challenging realities on the ground into a feasable clear action plan incorporating clear goals and outcomes for the communities [he] serves. It is a pleasure to recommend Moustafa Osman.” – Zaynab Khan, July 2010

I would like to recommend Mr. Moustafa Osman as a unique and well-experienced lecturer in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Intervention. He is an inspiring person for all students around him. Moreover, he amazingly mixes theories with his real massive experiences from all over the world. If any institution is looking for people who can make a difference, definitely Mr. Osman would be the right person.” – Ahmed Moghazy, IDD student at Birmingham University, July 2010

Moustafa is one of the best lecturers I have ever come across. His style is interactive and energising and he has a wealth of up to date knowledge on disaster management that he shares willingly, bringing the subject to life. In 2007, I made a life changing decision to change career paths from the private sector to International Development – Moustafa you showed me that I had made absolutely the right choice, inspiring me to follow through. Thank you” – Hilary Warmoth, former student at IDD, Birmingham University, February 2010


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