OC Qurbani work reached almost 100k people

DSCN0082-LOWRESOC specialise in difficult to access locations. One of the locations it works in is Rakhine in Myanmar. OC enabled a number of clients to support their donors reach most vulnerable in complex locations to fulfil their religious duty of Eid Al-Adha. In total our work for several clients reached almost hundred thousand beneficiaries. By working with numerous clients, it becomes viable for all. A regularly ‘forgotten’ emergency, clients may find it hard to raise significant funds, especially to sustain project work year round. Also, there are challenges in accessibility for INGOs. By all working through and with us costs can be shared. Of course the ultimate aim is to enable more people to benefit from the generosity of donors. A one-off distribution like this will of course not solve the humanitarian situation and Eid is not per se linked with disaster management. The logistics involved in such complex places do make it suitable for disaster management experts to take such tasks on. Beneficiaries will still realise they have not been forgotten.


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