OC responding to Myanmar Cyclone and flooding

MO-wQatarAmbassador-7AUg2015 On 30 July, Cyclone Komen made landfall in Bangladesh bringing about strong winds and additional heavy rains to Myanmar, resulting in wind damage, flooding, flash floods and landslides across the country. As of 3 August, initial figures from the Relief and Resettlement Department (RRD) of the Myanmar Ministry of Social Welfare, reported that over 200,000 people have been affected, with a death toll then of 47 across the affected states/regions. The loss of stored grains and livestock is expected to disrupt the planting season and impact long-term food security. In Rakhine, initial estimates are that 4,751 houses, 37 schools, three bridges and 53,225 acres of farmland have been destroyed. Flood-affected communities include previously displaced people in Rakhine State, where over 130,000 people remain displaced as a result of the violence that erupted in 2012. People have lost their livelihood assets, houses and rice stocks.

OC Director Moustafa Osman has arrived in Myanmar visiting the Rakhine region on Friday – needs are significant; do get in touch if your organisation could do with some (temporary) additional capacity.

OC has recently implemented Ramadan food distributions in Rakhine for 4 clients (thus clients are able to share some of the key expenses without having to directly with each other, plus they get access to a challenging region without the challenges) from 3 different continents and currently reviewing prices for Qurbani. Get in touch if your organisation is interested in participating. OC has been working in Myanmar for about four years.


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