Eid mubarak

Eid_Mubarak_OsmanAs read somewhere recently… if after Ramadan we go back to our old sins, then Ramadan was perhaps just a hunger strike… for those who participated in Ramadan, let us refocus on our humanitarian mission with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Lots to do, with many challenges attached, such as:

– Lack of funds closes 28 per cent of WASH programmes in Iraq

Myanmar still suffering effect from recent floods (extra wet rainy season etc)

– A growing number of children and adolescents are out of school as aid fails to meet the mark

– ongoing challenges in Syria, Somalia, Yemen, the Sahel (9 countries to choose from), Nigeria, DRC and the list goes on (unfortunately!) ….

Let’s reflect on and celebrate what we have, what we’ve achieved, individually and collectively; then quickly get back to work as the task is unfinished! Get in touch with us if we can lend a hand: you need a team for an initial assessment, support your capacity building to the next level, a one off added capacity in operational management or research, guidance on how to optimise humanitarian supplies? May it be a successful year, especially for those who need our support most, those affected by disasters!


About Green Creation

Humanitarian aid and sustainable development
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