OC facilitating BBR workshop in Cairo

BBRAs part of its work with International Medical Corps (IMC) for the roll out of  Building a Better Response (BBR) in the Arab speaking region, OC will on 28-29 September (postponed from August to enable Libyans to get a visa to Egypt) 2015 facilitate a workshop in Cairo, Egypt. The workshop is FREE for selected trainees and will be presented in ARABIC (English workshop announcement – Egypt). The workshop aims to enhance the capacity of national and international NGO workers and other humanitarian actors to engage with the international humanitarian coordination system in a manner that improves overall coordination and responds to the needs of crisis-affected populations. If you think you/ any of your colleagues would benefit from attending this workshop, then please get in touch with training @ osmanconsulting.co.uk (delete spaces, added to avoid spammers) to register your interest, especially if you are based in Egypt. Details of location (central location in Cairo) and exact programme will be shared with approved participants. For interested candidates please apply ASAP (in Arabic or English) by sending the form to BBR @ internationalmedicalcorps.org (delete spaces in email address).

There is more information on the Building a Better Response (BBR). And a brief leaflet on the project is also available in Arabic.


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