Ramadan 2015 – OC here to help your organisation

Ramadan, Kids Playing

Beneficiaries playing until the Ramadan food distribution is ready to start (OC, Myanmar, July 2014)

Many NGOs have pressure to work in all humanitarian affected corners of the world, overstretching their capacity, especially at Ramadan. Some NGOs want to implement in some areas, but cannot for one of many other reasons (e.g. no strategic focus on such country due to lack of sustainable funding; no access for political reasons etc). What to do? OC focuses on humanitarian settings, without any interest in doing what NGOs want to do; we want to fill capacity gaps, offer ad hoc/ one off implementation capacity in complex arenas. This year, we are so far focusing on Myanmar, Somalia and around Syria (but we also have connections in e.g. Iraq, so do let us know if you have any interest). We implement the work on your behalf, dressed like you, using your templates and of course abiding by humanitarian standards.

For Myanmar, Rakhine State (where we focus on) is one of the least developed areas of Myanmar, with a diverse ethnic and religious population. It was ranked as the country’s second poorest region in the 2009-2010 Integrated Household Living Condition Survey with an estimated 43.5% of the Rakhine population livings below the poverty line, compared to the national average of 25.6%. There are opportunities to learn about further intervention needs, e.g. around education, livelihoods, shelter.

For Somalia, according to the 2015 Humanitarian Response Plan, “[c]urrent conditions are similar to the pre-famine period in 2010 when a combination of reduced access, declining funds and two consecutive failed rainy seasons led to Somalia’s famine in 2011, which caused the deaths of an estimated 258,000 people in excess mortality.”

For Syria, with the conflict now entering its fifth year, the situation of more than 5.6 million children in particular inside the country remains desperate. There are up to 2 million children who are living in areas of the country largely cut off from humanitarian assistance due to fighting or other factors. Some 2 million children in Syria are still out of school. The very generous countries countries around Syria (in Lebanon now almost 1 in 4 is Syrian, Jordan too is having a significant percentage of its population now refugees, plus Iraq is already tackling its own challenges; Turkey is hosting around 1 million refugees) are struggling to cope hosting refugees.

To find out more or to discuss your needs, do get in touch: opermngt (@) osmanconsulting.co.uk (delete brackets and speces, added to prevent spamming)

A Ramadan distribution will not solve the dire nutritional situation; it will, however, give the recipients hope and some reassurance they have not been forgotten. It also offers any agencies an opportunity to get to know the situation better, leverage support with its donors and consider options for a longer/ further humanitarian intervention.


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