OC involved with Building a Better Response (BBR)

BBROC is contributing to the development and rollout of Building a Better Response, Strengthening Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Capacity and Engagement in the International Humanitarian Architecture in Arabic, a major USAID project on ‘Strengthening Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Capacity and Engagement in the International Humanitarian Architecture’ implemented by Harvard UniversityInternational Medical Corps, and Concern Worldwide. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of national and international NGO personnel, as well as other humanitarian actors, to engage with the humanitarian systems and architecture in a manner that improves overall coordination and response to the needs of affected populations.

M@BBR-Oct2014 OC’s essential responsibilities in the project are to:

  • Conduct a rapid review of the existing 2-day Arabic training materials (Power Point presentations, facilitator note, participant handbook and resource materials) to ensure the accuracy of the content;
  • Deliver two 2-day workshops using the Arabic BBR workshop curriculum, the first of which is a pilot exercise; this took place in London on 22- 23 October with participants from Lebanon, Jordan and Gaza;
  • Following the delivery of the pilot workshop, provide a brief but detailed report indicating what changes might be made to the curriculum or the approach of delivery for improvement purposes.
  • Review additional BBR materials, such as scripts and demos of the Arabic translation of the e-learning.



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