INEE training in Jordan


credit: UNESCO

Following on from the INEE training in Beirut for UNRWA and UNESCO, and the INEE training in Erbil, KRG, Iraq for UNRWA and NRC, Osman Consulting Ltd was also asked to facilitate a similar training in Amman, Jordan. This training took place 27- 29 May 2014. As in the previous trainings, it was encouraging to see the attendees seriously engaged and tremendously enthusiastic. The training team considers the training’s goals and objectives have been largely achieved. As in Erbil, it was actually more about in depth training rather than awareness training. Considering the size of the humanitarian challenge as regards Syria, unfortunately it remains important for the international community to do more as the gaps are still significant.

The overall objective of the programme was to support quality education response related to the Syrian crisis. It aimed at strengthening UNRWA’s educational staff capacities as well as other key educational stakeholders to provide continued quality education in emergency to the people affected by the ongoing Syrian crisis both inside Syria and in the hosting countries. It’s quite disheartening that the educational humanitarian response is only 10% funded (even the response overall is only 19% funded)

After this latest training, OC provides the lead facilitator on the Regional INEE Consolidation Workshop, covering Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, plus facilitating the INEE Global Consultation workshop in Amman Jordan.


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