Humanitarian Operational Management Humanitarian Training and Capacity Building Humanitarian Research Humanitarian Supplies
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Osman Consulting Ltd consultants have many years of experience of operational disaster management Osman Consulting Ltd has provided over 100 trainings to about three thousand people on four continents. Osman Consulting Ltd has experience in multi-country, sensitive and complex research assignments. Osman Consulting Ltd has experience in procuring the right items at the right time

Osman Consulting Ltd corporate video:

Osman Consulting Annual Report 2014- 2015 (in progress)

Osman Consulting Newsletter Second Half 2013

Osman Consulting Newsletter First Half 2013


4 Responses to

  1. Hanshi says:

    It is worthwhile and very informative site to visit for anyone interested to know about the humanitarian issues and more so disaster management. Wish you well. Mr Hanshi.

  2. thuraya ali says:

    اهلا استاد كان لي الشرف انا اكون من المجموعة التي تدربت علي يديك في ليبيا

  3. Sarah Alserrari says:

    So much thanks to you Ma’am Rihanna & Mr.Moustafa for giving us a chance to be in the training .And Always remember Sarah Alserrari wish you all the best . And i’m sure i’ll see you soon 🙂

  4. alikadhum98 says:

    السلام عليكم استاذ مصطفى شرفتنا في اربيل

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